5 symptoms you should never ignore in your pets

9 October 2019
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Is your pet drinking more water than usual? Or are they consuming less food than normal? It could be time to go to a vet clinic. Everyone likes to keep their pet happy and healthy, and a visit to the vet is a way of showing love to your pet. Regular vet visits will help in identifying your pet's health issues at an early stage. This post will highlight signs that indicate your pet needs help. Read More 

Choosing a Place to Board Your Cat

16 January 2017
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Whether you're going on holiday, travelling for work or moving home, finding someone to take care of your cat can seem like a challenge. Friends and neighbours might be able to look after a pet for a while, but if you're planning a longer journey or if your pet has special needs, you'll probably want to find someplace to board him or her. Cat boarding facilities -- called "catteries" or sometimes " Read More 

Understanding Poisoning In Rabbits

16 December 2016
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Rabbits are at risk of poisoning from toxic plants, topical products, such as shampoos, and chemicals commonly found in pesticides and pest control products. Here's an overview of the common causes, symptoms and treatment approach: Causes When rabbits are allowed to graze outdoors, they are at risk of ingesting poisonous plants in your garden. Plants that are poisonous to rabbits include daffodils, buttercups, amaryllis, rhubarb leaves and foxglove. Shampoos, ointments and flea treatments that haven't been specifically formulated for rabbits can cause respiratory distress, skin irritation and gastric upset. Read More 

Rheumatoid Arthritis In Dogs: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Approach

27 October 2016
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Rheumatoid arthritis can affect any breed of dog and is an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation in the joints. Your dog's immune system starts attacking a harmless protein in their body by releasing antibodies, but the antibodies cluster together with the protein in your dog's joints and cause inflammation. This inflammation can impact greatly on your dog's quality of life, and as the immune system continues to be in overdrive, the condition gets progressively worse without treatment. Read More 

Grooming Tips For First Time Afghan Hound Owners

27 May 2016
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Afghan Hounds are renowned for their gorgeous, long, silky coats, and if you choose an Afghan as a pet, you'll need to be prepared to put in some serious grooming time to keep your dog's coat in good condition.  It's sensible to invest in the services of a good mobile dog grooming service to regularly bathe and groom your Afghan Hound, but it's also important that you keep on top of things between visits. Read More